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I would just like to introduce myself quickly, my name is Amy and I have currently been working for Signs Now for 2 months after finishing a degree at Wolverhampton University.

I received a telephone enquiry in July from a company called Digitalmakkr. They were extremely keen to sort the signage out as they had recently set up a new business and wanted to attract a specific niche and tailor to a certain market. I gained a strong feeling about this enquiry and booked our Surveyor in London to visit the premises and discuss their requirements in more detail.

The owners of Digitalmakkr wanted a fascia sign, with a projecting sign and window graphics. From this a budget was then agreed and it turned out that they would get more for their money using our new promotional package. In reality this meant the owners of Digitalmakkr could have a deluxe fascia sign with individual flat cut raised letters; we would replace the panels in the existing lightbox; and the windows could be fully covered in vinyl graphics. The guys from Digitalmakkr were highly impressed with the promotional package. The order and artwork was confirmed in a matter of days with the Digitalmakkr team providing their own designs and ideas and Signs Now proofing the artwork for them.


The whole process took 3 weeks, from the initial call, to the surveyor visiting the site and finally our fitters installing the signs. The feedback from Digitalmakkr was very positive. They were extremely pleased with the promotional package and how it was very good value for money. The lead time on the whole process was efficient and prompt and they were extremely delighted with the overall outcome - especially as we stuck to their initial requirements and were able to show a true reflection of their ideas.